a la carte menu

a la carte menu

last updated 21st October 2017


Our organic sourdough mountain pepper leaf mini loaf served with butter & Murray River pink salt  $9.5

or with

macadamia & lemon myrtle hummus & Adelaide Hills marinated mixed olives  $12

salt & vinegar squid crackers with a wakame emulsion $7

gluten free & lactose free bread available


Red Ochre Feed Me Menu

Chefs selection of five courses showcasing the best the kitchen as to offer

$81 per person



Murray Valley Roasted Pork Belly

pickled daikon, radish, native salsa verde and wild greens (G, L)    $18.50


Aburi Salmon Belly

charred sweetcorn, spring onion, chili spiced peanuts,
sesame, finger lime and soy dressing                                              $19.00

Seared Emu Fan Fillet

whipped feta, black garlic, riberries and saltbush $20.00

Slow Cooked Beets

wattleseed chevre, macadamia & seaweed crumb, native thyme and fermented beet sauce (G, V)    $17.00

Fried S.A Squid

mountain pepper seasoned, charred baby cos, desert limes, shallots, nori and smoked lambs fat dressing $19.00

Mountain Pepper Braised Kangaroo Tail

crispy fried, baby green peppers, fried shallots, & Asian herbs    $16.5



palate cleanser, please ask our waiting staff for our native inspired selections    $3.5pp

Main Course

South Australian Pork Scotch Fillet

fire pit cooked pork scotch fillet, native kimchi, pressed pork belly, coconut yoghurt and sesame (G)   $37.9

Orroroo Kangaroo Loin

char grilled, eucalypt smoked mash, riberry and pear chutney, slow cooked beets with native jus (G) $37

Cone Bay Barramundi

with kipfler potatoes, bacon, charred celery, cauliflower cream, salsa verde (G) $38.50

Deep Bowl Duck

Slow braised in an aromatic soy, anise myrtle, chilli broth, udon noodles, Asian greens and soft egg (L) $35

Wattleseed Gnocchi 

house made & pan seared with sauteed baby king brown mushrooms, smoked asparagus, spiced cream sauce & ricotta salata (V) $33.9

 280g Angus Beef Rump Cap

onion jam, charred Asian greens, spiced mustard, native currant red wine jus (G)  $38.5

Braised Angus Beef Brisket

pepperleaf buttered baby parsnips, caramelised shallot, smoked parsnip puree, rich red wine sauce (G)   $38.5 


charred cauliflower, tea smoked raisins, eucalyptus  (G) $10.5
mixed leaf salad, native thyme, pickled leek croutons, palm sugar vinaigrette (L) $9
hasselback potatoes, pepperleaf and carob emulsion (G)  $9.5
Green beans,  chimmi-churri & seasame(G) $9